Arnav Shah

Full stack software engineer
Front-end specialist
Roller blader extraordinaire
Martial artist
Outdoor adventurer

Politicians + Issues in Google Search

I helped implement the front-end logic and user interface for the politicians issue stances feature, for 2016 presidential candidates. The feature is surfaced to users through Google Search result boxes and Google Search knowledge panels. issues elections Google Search Blog, Link to feature

Canada and UK Elections in Google Search

I implemented special case logic required for the 2015 UK elections Google Search result box feature. For the 2015 Canada elections feature, I refactored the entire front-end codebase, paying off technical debt, and implemented the Canada specific components.
Google Canada Blog

2014 US Midterm Elections in Google Search

I implemented the entirety of the front-end logic and user interface for the 2014 US midterm elections Google Search result boxes, for ballot and polling place locator. The products were highlighted and linked to by a Google doodle and serviced many tens of millions of users.
polling place locator Google Blog, Time Magazine

Political Transparency in Google Knowledge Graph

I designed and implemented a prototype to add politically relevant entities to the Google knowledge graph.

Democratized Group Decision Making under

I implemented much of the front-end and backend for an experimental prototype for testing new models of online group decision making. I also served as research scientist, applying rigorous methods, and we launched multiple internal experiments with hundreds of users.

"Search the menus" in Google Docs

I implemented nearly the entirety of the "Search the menus" and compact view features. I championed this otherwise deprioritized work and it has since improved access and visibility of features for our users, and put focus on content creation.
search the menus Google Drive Blog, Link to feature

User metrics for Google Docs

I helped implement a metrics system to capture user interface usage stats. I spearheaded the design of the original system and helped integrate the system into four Docs products. The feature has since greatly helped our teams make data-driven product decisions.

Accessibility for Google Docs

I helped improve feature accessibility for visually impaired users by adding screen reader support and better feature discovery tools.
Google Drive Blog

Infrastructure for Google Apps Sharing

I improved infrastructure and features of the Common Sharing system (notably used in Google Docs). I also served as a site reliability engineer, configuring and pushing releases, and responding to oncall pages.

Gmail and Docs Comments integrations for Google Apps Sharing

I helped implement automatic permission fixing when sharing Docs items across products like Gmail and Comments, collaborating with the respective teams.
fix access controls Google Drive Blog

Group decision making and visualization 20% with Google Ideas

I designed and implemented three distinct prototypical iterations of a collaborative group decision making tool. I used different animation methods including d3 and a manually built animation framework based on CSS3.

Somalia Citizen Engagement 20% with Google Ideas

I implemented the entire front end and refactored the backend for a mashup app using Google App Engine, Google Docs Forms, and Google Voice. The app permitted phone polling of Somali citizens during rewriting of their constitution. Changes were made to the constitution from poll findings.
phone polling app Google Open Source Blog

Web development with the Human Knowledge Enterprise

I developed the entire website for the book, Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe, using modular PHP design, jQuery, a custom Wordpress backend, and YouTube integration. I also provided consulting to the authors on marketing their book using internet social media including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
death from a distance book

Human society and behavior teaching / research at Stony Brook University

I conducted formal research with university professors to build upon the Social Coericion Theory, forming a general theory and model of religion, accounting for its origins, function, and history. We also explored greater domains of intra/inter-group behavior and the origins of culture. This research is referenced in the book, Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe and a manuscript is in preparation for journal publication. I also helped teach the analogous course, The Biology of Being Human, for six semesters primarily through online discussion groups. At the time, it was the university's largest upper division course and first optionally fully online course.
stony brook university

Roller blading event leading and teaching with Wednesday Night Skate, Empire Skate Club, and SkateIA

I began skating with the New York City community 9 years ago and have been a skate leader and safety marshal for the past 7 years. I help run Wednesday Night Skate, the largest weekly skate event in the country. I'm also a skate leader for Empire Skate Club, and help bring 200 skaters safely through New York City streets at our yearly get-together, the Big Apple Roll. In 2015, I became certified to teach skating though Skate Instructors Association (SkateIA) and have since taught at events in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and Vancouver. roller blading group Wednesday Night Skate, Empire Skate Club, Skate Instructors Association

Roller blading mastery in New York City and beyond

I have over 18 years of skating experience and skate as part of my day-to-day life, covering some 2,000 miles a year (mostly on the streets of New York City). I've also travelled to community skating events for the past few years and skated in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and Dubai (not to mention countless other cities that I explore on skates). Recently I've expanded to other disciplines such as racing and artistic skating. I completed the New York 100k in under 4 hours (that's 19 loops around Prospect Park) and the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta road skate in 5 hours, 15 minutes. I'm often found practicing freestyle slalom (cone) skating and am fast becoming an icon at Washington Square Park. roller blading

Capoeira "graduado" and practitioner with Motumbaxé Capoeira

For the past nine years, I've practiced capoeira, an afro-brazilian martial art that combines fighting, flow, expression, and culture. In 2014, I reached the rank of graduado, which is equivalent to a black belt in other martial arts. capoeira Video of our 2014 event

Karate black belt and former instructor with North American Kyokushin Association

For seven years, I was a practitioner of Kyokushin karate, a martial art that's considered to be among the most physically demanding. I began instructing classes as a green belt, teaching children and adults alike and of all levels. I served as an instructor for five years. in 2008, I attained the rank of 1st degree black belt - the "test" for which is conducted overnight and runs for 5 brutal hours. karate Videos of katas (forms)

Action and adventure videography out in the great outdoors

I spent many of my travels outside in physically demanding environments. From backpacking for 8 days in Montana to ice climbing in the Adirondack mountains, I enjoy experiences that are incredible yet often indescribable. But through a lot of conscious video work, I share the stories through an exciting lens. backpacking YouTube channel playlist

Blog on the interwebs

At an earlier nexus of life, I sought to get a clear understanding of the things I cared for and was passionate about. I wrote a blog to clarify the jumbled mess of interests, research, and thoughts in my head. Out came a few concrete themes: using technology mindfully, living vitally (through eating well and physical activity), and understanding society + self. blog Blog circa 2010

More projects on my old portfolio

I like presenting myself in a unique manner, so if you enjoyed the feel of this portfolio website, check out my previous portfolio of work and activities. old portfolio Portfolio website circa 2010